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Why Invest in WA

Find out more about the key strengths and performance of Western Australia’s economy.


  1. Western Australia (WA) is 2.5 million square kilometres in size, and one third of Australia’s land mass.

  2. The population is estimated at almost 2.9 million, which accounts for approximately 11% of Australia’s population of 26 million.

  3. Western Australia is a high-income, export orientated economy with merchandise goods exports worth A$269 billion in 2022-23.

  4. In 2022-23, iron ore was the State's most valuable resource, followed by liquefied natural gas (LNG), gold, lithium, crude oil and condensate, alumina and bauxite, nickel, and base metals (copper, lead and zinc).

Under Section 13(1) of the Western Australian Treasury Corporation Act 1986, financial liabilities incurred or assumed by WATC are guaranteed by the Treasurer on behalf of the State.


WATC’s borrowings are afforded strong credit ratings, being rated AAA by Standard and Poor’s and Aaa by Moody’s Investors Service.

WA - A Good Value Proposition

An Export-Driven Economy

The State economy is underpinned by its diversified range of resources and strong export growth.

Sound Government Financial Management

There is continued vigilance on expense control, while continuing to build the bigger picture with necessary asset investments.

Active Market Presence

Western Australian Treasury Corporation is active in both domestic and overseas financial markets.

Good Liquidity

Western Australian Treasury Corporation has large volumes on issue, qualifying as Level 1 Assets by APRA under Basel III.

WA’s Economic Strengths

Western Australia has unique strengths that provide a range of opportunities for investors. 

Learn more about the State’s comparative performance and key economic outputs.

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