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Foreign Exchange

Our products and tools assist clients to successfully navigate the complexities of foreign currency exposures, minimise risk and develop effective risk management strategies.

About Foreign Exchange

Our foreign exchange (FX) services provide clients with access to a range of foreign exchange products and tools to help identify, measure and manage their foreign exchange exposures in compliance with Treasurer’s Instruction 826.

As a partner in satisfying Treasurer’s Instruction 826, WATC assists clients by:

  • quantifying areas of foreign exchange risk;
  • designing and implementing foreign exchange risk management strategies; and
  • providing access to wholesale market pricing.

As a preferred counterparty in the financial markets, WATC has direct access to wholesale foreign exchange markets, multi-currency funds settlements systems, dedicated capital market information and treasury management systems.

Our systems, experience and expertise are made available to clients so they are fully informed of their foreign exchange risks and can make the best decision for their business in terms of materiality and management strategies.


If you would like to discuss any aspect of our products or services, contact details for our team members are available on our Client Services team page, or you can email the team at

Foreign Exchange Advisory Services

We work closely with our clients to understand their individual business requirements, identify FX risks and ensure they have the right information to make informed decisions on how to manage those risks.

We work collaboratively with our clients to identify and quantify their foreign exchange exposure and assist them to design a risk management strategy that aligns with their individual business goals.

WATC’s foreign exchange services include:

  • Risk management advice – identification, measurement and structuring of tailored client solutions to manage FX risk in procurement, specific projects and revenues.

  • Transaction services – execution, settlement (payment and confirmation) and valuation reports.

  • Financial Modelling – provision of quantitative measures of FX risk (in the form of probabilities, currency rates and diagrams), to assist clients to make informed decisions regarding their currency risk management strategies.

  • Policy advice – assistance with the development and/or review of treasury risk management policies to establish internal guidelines for client FX management.

  • Education – provision of in-house training sessions and materials to increase awareness of FX risk and how it can be managed.

Foreign Exchange Products

Spot transaction

The exchange of one currency for another at the prevailing market rate (the spot rate). Cash flow will occur two business days following the transaction date.

Forward transaction

The exchange of one currency for another at a predetermined future date, where the rate of exchange is agreed today (the forward rate). Forward transactions have no up-front cost.

Option transaction

The right (but not the obligation), to buy (call option) or sell (put option) an agreed amount of one currency against another currency on a specified date (exercise date), at an agreed rate of exchange (strike price). Option transactions will usually have an up-front cost (premium).

Learn More

WATC presents a series of foreign exchange educational seminars which are available to Western Australian public sector agencies and local governments. These seminars promote awareness and understanding of foreign exchange risk management issues.

These seminars can be provided for and tailored to individual clients. If you are interested in attending a foreign exchange seminar or would like to discuss the potential of WATC conducting a foreign exchange seminar for your organisation, please contact our Client Services team.

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