WA’s Economic Strengths

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A State Like No Other

Western Australia is truly a State like no other. Whilst there are many similarities between Western Australia and other Australian states, there are also a number of differences which make Western Australia unique and sets the State apart.
  1. Economic Resilience – The Western Australian economy continues to be resilient and outperform other Australian States across a range of metrics.

  2. Stable Housing Market – House prices in Western Australia are more affordable than in other states, making the households relatively less exposed to higher mortgage rates.

  3. Energy Security – The State’s domestic gas policy requires that an equivalent of 15% of exports are available to Western Australian customers with an aim to secure the energy needs.

  4. Export Powerhouse – Being one of the most productive and diversified mineral and petroleum regions in the world, Western Australia accounts for around a half of Australia’s goods exports.

  5. Battery Minerals – The value of Western Australia’s battery minerals sales has been rising sharply, supported by a rapid expansion of the electric vehicle industry.

Economic Resilience

During the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, Western Australia's economy has shown continued resilience.

Affordable Housing Market

The Western Australian housing market remains affordable in comparison to other Australian states.

Energy Security

Western Australia has one of the most unique energy systems in the world. Our grids are isolated from the rest of the country, presenting both challenges and opportunities as we work to decarbonise our electricity supply. The State Government is delivering the Energy Transformation Strategy, the plan for taking charge of our energy future to provide clean, reliable, and affordable electricity for all Western Australians. Our State is rich with the natural resources that underpin a renewable energy transition, with great potential to capture the benefits of solar and wind energy, abundant natural gas and a wealth of battery metals.

WA Energy

With significant landmass, solar and wind capabilities, mineral resources and LNG exports, Western Australia has a secure and sustainable energy sector.

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Video source: Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation

Export Powerhouse

Western Australia is one of the most productive and diversified mineral and petroleum regions in the world. It is the major driver of Australian external trade, accounting for around a half of the country’s goods exports. Exports contribute over half to the State’s gross state product.

WA Mining

With vast reserves of natural resources, Western Australia produces more than 50 mineral and petroleum products.

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Video source: Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation

Trade Profiles

The Western Australian Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation publishes profiles on WA's economy, major industries and international trade.
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    - Fremantle Port. C
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