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We are committed to delivering high-quality, cost-effective financial products and services that add value and are aligned to our clients' needs both now, and into the future.

Western Australian Treasury Corporation (WATC) is the State’s central financial services provider, working with its public sector clients to achieve sound financial outcomes. Our Corporate Treasury Services branch provides services for the WA public sector including borrowing, investing, foreign exchange, treasury management and advisory services.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our product or service offerings, contact details for our team members are available on our Client Services Team page, or you can email the team at

Who Can Access Our Services?

As Western Australia’s central financial services provider WATC’s clients include:
Government agencies

WA government agencies that are constituted as a body corporate.

Local governments

WA local governments that are established under the Local Government Act 1995.

Public universities

WA public universities that are consistuted under respective WA legislation.

Why Choose WATC?

$ 44.8 b
Client borrowings

At 30 June 2023 we managed $44.8 billion of client borrowings.

100 %
Client satisfaction

Feedback received from our clients affirm that we deliver high-quality, cost-effective financial solutions that add value.

$ 550 m
Client foreign exchange

In 2022–23 financial year we transacted in 10 currencies on behalf of 18 clients and assisted in effectively managing their foreign exchange risk.


Our range of debt products and services support our clients to achieve their financial objectives.
  • Loan Products

    Our team is able to provide advice on debt management strategies and recommend appropriate products for your needs.

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  • Loan Services

    Our services are designed to ensure that an optimum financial solution is achieved for each client.

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  • Local Government Support

    We are committed to supporting the long-term financial sustainability of our local government clients.

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Access investment solutions, guidance and advice to assist investment management.
  • Investment Products

    We provide State Government guaranteed, at call and fixed term investment products.

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  • Investment Policy Development

    Our advice on investment of funds and guidelines assists clients to develop sound and robust investment policies.

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Specialist Financial Services

Leverage our considerable experience and expertise, as well as our systems, pricing and oversight.
  • Treasury Management

    We provide assistance with managing financial risks including credit risk and interest rate risk.

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  • Foreign Exchange

    We provide clients with a range of foreign exchange products and services to identify and manage foreign exchange risk.

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Providing financial risk and corporate finance advisory services to the Western Australian public sector.
  • Advisory Services

    Discover more about our specialist knowledge of financial markets and financial risk management.

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  • Case studies

    Features some of our direct work with clients, including the nature of the engagement and the outcomes delivered.

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