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We work collaboratively with our clients to achieve optimal outcomes for their businesses.

Lisa Brady

Head of Corporate Treasury Services

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I love what we do and why we do it. We are here for the good of Western Australia. Seeing our clients deliver projects that make a positive difference to the State, and knowing that we have played a small part, is a great feeling.

About Lisa Brady

Lisa leads the Corporate Treasury Services team which is responsible for delivering debt finance, investment, foreign exchange and treasury management products and services to WATC’s clients.

Lisa has over 30 years’ experience working in financial roles in the WA public sector. Her career at WATC commenced as a Dealer in the Financial Markets branch where she was actively involved in all areas of WATC’s market activities including onshore and offshore debt issuance, investment portfolio management and foreign exchange risk management. In 2007, Lisa was appointed to a newly created role responsible for building WATC’s client foreign exchange risk management and investment products and services. In January 2021, Lisa was appointed to her current role.

Lisa has a Bachelor of Business (Accounting), Post Graduate Diploma in Business (Financial Management and Economics), Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and an Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA) accreditation in Foreign Exchange.


Charlie Gilkes

Chief Client Relationship Manager

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I enjoy working with clients to understand their needs and develop practical solutions to achieve efficient financial outcomes.

About Charlie Gilkes

Charlie is Chief Client Relationship Manager in the Corporate Treasury Services Team and works primarily with the Department of Treasury to implement strategies to achieve efficient management of the State’s investment and debt portfolios.

Charlie has worked in numerous areas across WATC since 2006 including legal and governance, business analysis and client services. Highlights include collaborating on transformational projects that deliver enhanced service delivery to clients including the client portal, data warehouse reporting and implementing WATC’s current treasury management system.

Charlie holds a Bachelor of Laws and degrees in Japanese language and Applied Finance.


Bruce Whyatt

Chief Foreign Exchange Advisor

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I want clients to see us as an extension of their business. Bringing our skills and expertise to the fore as and when the need arises.

About Bruce Whyatt

As Chief Foreign Exchange Advisor, Bruce works in partnership with WATC’s Client Relationship Managers to identify, understand and manage foreign exchange risks that can adversely impact client business objectives.

Previously, Bruce worked in WATC’s Advisory Services across a broad range of financial topics, including discount cash flow analysis, weighted average cost of capital (WACC) advice, debt portfolio modelling and investment policy advice.

Bruce holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with 1st Class Honours from the University of Western Australia. In addition he has a Master of Accounting from Curtin University of Technology and most recently a Master of Business Administration (Change) with Distinction from the University of New South Wales.


Michael Ehlers

Senior Client Relationship Manager

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I enjoy seeing clients implement recommended risk strategies that culminate in them reaching their financial goals.

About Michael Ehlers

Michael works as a Senior Client Relationship Manager in the Corporate Treasury Services Team. Michael helps clients achieve their financial goals by ensuring WATC provided debt meets each client’s interest rate risk management requirements, and also assists clients in effectively managing foreign exchange risk in their procurements from overseas.

Michael previously worked as the Treasury and Insurance Manager at Synergy, Western Australia’s largest energy retailer and generator, where he gained a wealth of experience in managing foreign exchange, interest rate risk, and supply chain exposure on the procurement of large commercial assets. Michael was also responsible for establishing an investment policy, winding down debt and implementing systems to manage and report Synergy’s financial risks.

Michael has Bachelor of Business with a double major in accounting and finance and is AFMA accredited.


Jameson Hick

Senior Client Relationship Manager

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I truly enjoy working collaboratively with clients to help them achieve their financial management objectives.

About Jameson Hick

Jameson is a Senior Client Relationship Manager within the Corporate Treasury Services Team and has enjoyed working at the Western Australian Treasury Corporation for over seven years. Jameson develops debt management strategies for large semi-government agencies and assists them with their day-to-day financing needs. In addition, Jameson also supports clients with the management of their investment portfolios.

Prior to joining WATC Jameson spent over ten years working in the financial markets in the UK. Whilst in London he worked at several investment banks, including Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Canada and JP Morgan. At the Royal Bank of Canada he spent five years working for the proprietary trading group where his responsibilities included portfolio management, identification of trading opportunities, financial modelling and risk analysis.

He previously worked as a structural engineer in Perth after graduating with honours in Engineering and Commerce from the University of Western Australia.


Peter Garrity

Senior Client Relationship Manager

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I enjoy working with my clients to develop solutions to complex financial situations and assisting clients to achieve the best possible outcome.

About Peter Garrity

Peter is an experienced Senior Client Relationship Manager and has been a member of the Corporate Treasury Services team for nearly 15 years. With close to 20 years of relationship management experience, Peter has extensive expertise in assisting clients to develop solutions to complex debt and interest rate risk management problems.

Before joining WATC, Peter worked in agribusiness finance in regional Western Australia and collaborated with some of WA’s biggest dairy, grain, livestock and winery operations. Peter also spent four years working for a boutique agricultural chemical company as Marketing and Administration Manager. Peter is passionate about working closely with clients in all areas of finance from debt and working capital management, to investments and foreign exchange.

Peter holds a degree in Agribusiness (Marketing), a Master of Business Administration and has just completed a Master of Applied Finance.


Tamara Marsh

Senior Client Relationship Manager

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I am committed to working diligently and partnering with our Local Government clients to help them achieve the best outcomes.

About Tamara Marsh

Tamara Marsh is a Senior Client Relationship Manager within WATC’s Corporate Treasury Services branch. With a vast knowledge base, strong integrity and years of experience, Tamara has been assisting Local Governments in WA to deliver the best financial outcomes for their rate payers.

Tamara has been with WATC since 2008 and has worked with Local Government and Semi Government Clients delivering debt finance and investment services. Prior to this, she worked at CBA in both Sydney and Perth within the mortgage lending area.

Tamara holds a Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting and Information Systems and has undertaken a post graduate course with FINSIA and is AFMA accredited.


Eric Schuppli

Senior Client Relationship Manager

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I enjoy helping clients, establishing beneficial relationships and working in collaboration with clients to achieve great outcomes.

About Eric Schuppli

Eric is a Senior Client Relationship Manager in the Corporate Treasury Services team and works with clients assisting them transact and manage their debt and foreign exchange requirements.

With over 35 years of experience in Western Australian public sector finance, Eric started work in the Western Australian Department of Treasury’s loans and investments team. Eric then transferred to WATC soon after it was established and has undertaken several roles within the organisation.

Eric has a wealth of experience and a great understanding of WATC’s products and services and how they can best be applied by clients to achieve desired outcomes. He has also contributed to several key WATC projects including implementing new systems and developing new products.

Eric has a Bachelor of Business in Finance and is AFMA accredited.


Mladen Zaneta

Senior Client Relationship Manager

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Our work – we do it for the people of WA

About Mladen Zaneta

Zaneta works as a Senior Corporate Relationship Manager in the Corporate Treasury Services team. He partners with clients to provide tailored hedging solutions and negotiation support on large scale projects, as well as meeting clients’ transactional debt and foreign exchange needs.

Zaneta brings diverse functional experience and business versatility with exposure to corporate financial advisory, education delivery, management reporting, governance and legal . This builds upon Zaneta’s ability to communicate effectively and draw consensus across broad stakeholder groups.

Prior to joining WATC, Zaneta held various positions at a subsidiary of a major Australian bank and one of the big four advisory firms.


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