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A monthly summary of domestic market developments and Western Australian data.

Access a high-level summary of Western Australian economic data and domestic financial market developments. The note also includes a focus on selected current issues related to the Western Australian economy.

  • 09 Apr 2024 Monthly Update March 2024

    Western Australian retail sales increased 0.3% in February, to be up 1.6% through the year. Western Australian employment rose 26.3k in February and the unemployment rate fell to 3.6%. New dwelling approvals in Western Australia rose 11.4% in January. Annual growth in the Australian monthly CPI indicator was steady at 3.4% in February.

  • 12 Mar 2024 Monthly Update February 2024

    Western Australian gross state product rose by 0.8% in Q4, to be 5.5% up through the year. The wage price index in Western Australia picked up by 0.8% QoQ and 4.7% YoY in Q4. Western Australian employment rose by 0.7k in January, while the unemployment rate stood at 4.2%. January also saw a 0.7% rise in retail trade in Western Australia, which took the annual growth rate to 1.8%.

  • 14 Feb 2024 Monthly Update January 2024

    The Perth CPI rose 1.5% in Q4 due to the unwinding of energy bill relief, however, the annual inflation rate of 3.6% was the lowest of the mainland capital cities. Western Australian employment fell 5.7k in December and the unemployment rate rose 0.2ppts to 3.9%. Dwelling approvals rose 7.9% in December and were 15.1% higher than in December 2022.

  • 15 Jan 2024 Monthly Update December 2023

    Western Australian state final demand rose by 2.4% in Q3, to be up 5.5% through the year. The 2023-24 Mid-Year Financial Projections Statement forecasts a Western Australian general government net operating balance of A$3.7b in 2023-24. Western Australian employment rose by 12.7k in November, while the unemployment rate declined to 3.7%.

  • 08 Dec 2023 Monthly Update November 2023

    As expected, the RBA increased the cash rate target by 25bps to 4.35% in November. Western Australian gross state product rose by 3.5% in the financial year 2022-23. Western Australian employment climbed by 9.4k in October, while the unemployment rate stood at 3.8%. Western Australian retail trade rose by 0.7% in October, the most of all the states.

  • 09 Nov 2023 Monthly Update October 2023

    The Perth CPI rose by 0.4% in Q3, the least of all the capital cities, taking the annual CPI inflation to 5.8%. The Western Australian unemployment rate declined to 3.3% in September, to be the lowest of all the states. Western Australian retail trade rose 0.1% in September and was 3.0% higher than a year ago. Perth home prices rose by 1.6% in October, to be up 10.8% YoY and at a new record high.

  • 05 Oct 2023 Monthly Update September 2023

    Western Australian employment rose by 14.7k in August, while the unemployment rate was 3.8%. Western Australia’s retail trade rose by 0.5% in August, to be 4.0% up through the year, the most of all states. Perth home prices rose by another 1.3% in September, to be 8.8% up YoY and at a new record high. New home loans and dwelling approvals picked up in Western Australia in August.

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