Benchmark Bond Program

WATC’s long-term borrowing requirements are primarily sourced through its Benchmark Bond Program. This is accomplished by establishing and maintaining a select number of large liquid lines of inscribed stock which are added to over time and traded actively in secondary markets.

Benchmark bonds are an attractive value proposition for investors because of:

  • Strong Credit Ratings AAA / Aa1 Stable
  • Good liquidity with large volumes on issue, Tier 1 Assets, repo-eligible to the RBA
  • Withholding Tax Exempt
  • Yield pickup over equivalent Commonwealth Government Bonds.

WATC has a dealer panel comprising leading financial institutions through which it places its benchmark bonds and conducts secondary market making activities in the domestic market.

Currently, WATC has the following lines of benchmark bonds on issue at 31 August 2022.

Coupon Maturity Amount on Issue
2.75% 20/10/2022 A$2,890.978 million
6.00% 16/10/2023 A$4,281.094 million
2.50% 23/07/2024 A$5,128.870 million
5.00% 23/07/2025 A$5,538.252 million
3.00% 21/10/2026 A$5,021.600 million
3.00% 21/10/2027 A$4,020.680 million
3.25% 20/07/2028 A$3,641.660 million
2.75% 24/07/2029 A$3,556.200 million
1.50% 22/10/2030 A$2,034.300 million
1.75% 22/10/2031 A$2,235.000 million
2.00% 24/10/2034 A$1,142.740 million
2.25% 23/07/2041 A$694.450 million
Total A$40,185.824 million