Individual Investors

The information provided in this website, including State Bonds offered to individual investors, does not constitute an offer or solicitation to sell securities in any jurisdiction where legislation, regulations or any other written order exists that expressly prohibits such actions. Any application received by WATC from an investor is deemed to include a representation from the investor that it is not from such a jurisdiction and that there is no legal reason why WATC should not effect the investor’s application.

WATC is the central borrowing authority for the State of Western Australia. Under provisions of the Western Australian Treasury Corporation Act 1986, WATC borrows money by issuing bonds called Western Australian State Bonds (State Bonds).

Money borrowed by WATC is lent to semi government entities and local government authorities to finance essential services such as education, health, housing, transportation, electricity and water supplies throughout the State of Western Australia.

WATC invites individual investors to contribute to the economic and social development of the State of Western Australia by investing in State Bonds.

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