This section details WATC’s borrowing activities in wholesale financial markets and its retail product offerings. It contains relevant information on its wholesale funding facilities for institutional investors and financial intermediaries as well as important details on its retail borrowing products for individual investors.

Investors in WATC’s debt securities enjoy the benefit of the guarantee of all its financial obligations, provided under its enabling legislation by the Treasurer on behalf of the State of Western Australia.

WATC’s borrowings are afforded strong credit ratings, being rated AAA by Standard and Poor’s and Aa1 by Moody’s Investors Service.

In its role as the State’s central borrowing authority, WATC is responsible for raising funds on behalf of the Western Australian public sector. At 31 May 2022, WATC’s total debt amounted to $50.8 billion.

WATC undertakes its wholesale funding activities through a range of well established debt facilities in both domestic and overseas financial markets. In most of these facilities, WATC conducts its debt issuance through individual dealer panels comprised of a select number of key financial intermediaries in the relevant markets.