Amuly Vanga

Senior Corporate Financial Advisor

+61 8 9235 9103

Amuly is a Senior Corporate Financial Advisor in WATC’s Advisory Services team. Prior to joining WATC, Amuly gained a wealth of experience roles in both the private and public sector. During his time in the private sector, Amuly led various corporate finance, trade finance and corporate banking activities, leading multiple project financing, debt structuring, and trade finance product structuring with domestic as well as international banks, credit facility evaluations and equity valuations leading in one case to the divestment of a subsidiary entity.

In the WA local government space, Amuly has led the development of a large metropolitan council’s long term financial plan with a strategic focus on addressing asset capitalisation frameworks and key factors impacting financial sustainability. Amuly was instrumental in developing the Covid19-budget, including a one of a kind rating concession strategy, and a Covid19 exit strategy which the Council adopted.

Amuly is a CFA Level 3 candidate and holds an MBA (Finance Major) degree with Bachelor’s in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (First Class with Distinction).