Borrowing Program

2021-22 Borrowing Program estimate as at 31 March 2022.

Term Funding Requirement 2021-22
New money program (Est.) 0.3
     Projected Maturities
Bond 0.0
FRN 0.0
Total Maturities + New Money 0.3
Other 0.0
Estimated Total Term Funding Requirement 0.3


1. It is expected that WATC’s Benchmark Bond program will be the primary source of term funding supplemented by Floating Rate Notes. However actual amounts and the composition of term funding is subject to the borrowing requirements of WATC’s clients and market conditions.

2. In addition to the term funding requirement, WATC expects to maintain approximately $2.5 billion – $4.5 billion of commercial paper outstanding through its domestic Short Term Inscribed Stock (STIS) program and offshore ECP program over the 2021/22 financial year.