General Information

State Bonds satisfy guidelines issued by the Department of Home Affairs and are offered as a designated investment under the following category of visa:

Business Innovation and Investment Visa (Provisional) (subclass 188)

An information package is available. You may download a copy of the package by clicking on the link provided above. The package contains the following information:

  • a statement of terms and conditions
  • an instruction sheet for investing
  • an application form.

Please ensure that you do not lodge your application to purchase your designated investment until you have received written notification from Department of Home Affairs.

For information about State sponsorship, please refer to the Small Business Development Corporation of Western Australia website.

In accordance with Department of Home Affairs’s guidelines, State Bonds as a designated investment are non-transferable and non-redeemable prior to maturity. However, after receiving written confirmation from Department of Home Affairs, WATC will repurchase your designated investment should your personal circumstances change resulting in either the issue of a different visa for which a designated investment is not required or revocation of your existing visa. For more information about this process, please click the link to the list of frequently asked questions provided below.

WATC does not charge transaction or management fees for a designated investment. Your bank and/or its intermediary bank may, on the other hand, charge you a fee for transferring your investment funds to WATC’s bank account. Payment of this fee is your responsibility. Please ensure the amount of the fee is not deducted from the money you are using to purchase your designated investment.

Additional information about State Bonds as a designated investment is available by clicking on the following link:

State Bonds Frequently Asked Questions

Should you require further information, please send an email to WATC at the following address