Treasury Management Services

WATC plays an important role in the management of public sector finances by providing the State and government authorities with a range of treasury management services that assist them in achieving sound financial risk management (including credit risk, interest rate risk and foreign exchange risk). Through these services, clients have access to WATC’s considerable experience and expertise, together with the systems, pricing and oversight that come with the scale of operations undertaken by WATC in both the domestic and offshore markets.

At 30 June 2020, WATC managed in excess of $13.6 billion in investment funds in its own name and that of its clients.

WATC offers a range of services which can be tailored to suit an individual client’s needs. These services include:

  • Policy and benchmark monitoring and review
  • Investment selection and transaction execution
  • Compliance and monitoring
  • Transaction settlement
  • Portfolio performance reporting
  • Management reporting
  • Accounting journal postings

Public Bank Account

WATC has performed a treasury services role for the Department of Treasury in relation to the investment of surplus funds standing to the credit of the Public Bank Account since 1989.

The average daily balance of funds invested and managed by WATC during 2018/19 exceeded $4.4 billion.

WATC manages the investment of funds in accordance with:

If you would like to contact us to discuss any aspect of our product or service offerings, contact details for our team members are available on our Corporate Treasury Services team page, or you can email the team at