Foreign Exchange Seminars

WATC presents a series of foreign exchange educational seminars which are available to Western Australian public sector entities and their staff. The seminars promote awareness and understanding of foreign exchange risk management issues.  Currently WATC conducts three levels of seminars:

  • Foreign Exchange – An Introduction – Provides an overview of the foreign exchange market, an introduction to basic conventions and terminology and incorporates a detailed explanation of how to transact foreign exchange with WATC.
  • Foreign Exchange – Master Class – Expands on the Foreign Exchange – An Introduction seminar to include calculation of forward rates, detail on bid/ask quotation, direct and indirect quotation, use of options, concept of hedging and cashflow risk management.
  • Foreign Exchange – Procurement Master Class – Focus on foreign exchange risk management within procurement. Why foreign exchange risk can arise, how it can be masked, risk transfer mechanisms and who should be holding it?  Further, once foreign exchange risk is identified, how best to manage it through the procurement process to eventual purchase.

The seminars can be provided and tailored for individual entities.  If you are interested in attending a foreign exchange seminar or would like to discuss the potential of conducting a foreign exchange seminar for your organisation, please contact WATC’s Corporate Treasury Services team.