Working Capital Facility

Western Australian Treasury Corporation’s Working Capital Facility (WCF) provides clients with a low cost source of liquidity to help optimise short-term cash flow management.

By combining a low cost overdraft facility with an interest earning cash management facility, the WCF enables clients to more effectively manage the timing mismatches and uncertainty of receipts and payments, eliminating the need for maintaining cash buffers in low interest earning bank accounts or paying for costly overdraft facilities. The WCF can also be utilised to increase the yield obtained on short-term investments and / or to optimise the timing of long-term debt drawdowns.

The WCF is available to WATC’s State Government client base and is issued through a Letter of Offer, which stipulates the deficit balance (borrowing) limits to apply and binds the product’s usage to the terms and conditions contained in the WCF Product Disclosure Statement.

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