Resources for Local Government

WATC has prepared a series of informative articles to assist local governments utilise and manage debt to improve financial, asset management and service delivery outcomes. The articles provide information relevant to local government on interest rate markets, debt financing and debt management, with the aim to support informed decision making when considering debt finance options. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the articles listed below, please contact the Corporate Treasury Services Team.

The Interest Rate Market & The Factors Affecting It – What Local Governments Need to Know
An overview of key reference interest rates in the Australian market, the factors that affect them and the relationship to the pricing of loans from WATC.

Effective Management of Debt Finance for Local Government
A guide to the appropriate use of debt finance by local government, and why a market valuation is required when refinancing or making unscheduled repayments on fixed interest rate loans.

Borrowing from WATC or Private Financial Institution? Important Issues for Local Government
An overview of potential differences between the terms, conditions and pricing for the provision of debt finance to local governments by WATC in comparison to a private financial institution (PFI), or structured debt finance arrangements facilitated by a PFI(s).