Panel Discussion – The impact of COVID-19

New Zealand

The three in construction PPP projects in NZ (1 Prison and 2 Roads) were heavily impacted by the Covid-19 Level 3 and Level 4 Government imposed lockdowns, which resulted in complex negotiations between and Crown agencies and contractors. There are lessons to be learnt from those negotiations and the NZ PPP model’s ability to respond to Covid-19.


Recently, Dan and his team helped navigate the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on projects in procurement through responsive and collaborative engagement with respondents, and through implementing innovative contractual mechanisms to mitigate industry concerns.

In his opening remarks, Dan will provide an overview of the actions undertaken to ensure the successful procurement of projects during the height of the pandemic, and will also highlight the impacts of coronavirus on operational entertainment-focussed PPPs.

Western Australia

Optus Stadium has secured 53 local, national and international awards including the 2019 Prix Versailles Most Beautiful Stadium and Sports Precinct in the World. Unfortunately, for months during 2020, whilst COVID-19 was present in Western Australia, Optus Stadium sat dormant with no major events.  At times like these, it is tempting to reach for your Force Majeure contract provisions, however, in long-term PPP contracts, working closely with your partners to get the best outcome for all is sometimes more productive. The quality of the partners in any PPP are vital when unprecedented events affect your reason for existence. Some introductory comments will provide some background on the Stadium and explore some of the actions taken during the COVID-19 crisis to flexibly deliver what was needed.