National PPP Contract Managers Forum

The 2020 National PPP Contract Managers Forum has been run and feedback provided on the event was very positive with participants looking forward to attending the next forum. If you have any queries or are interested in attending the next forum, please contact David Letts

Western Australian Treasury Corporation is pleased to host the 2020 National PPP Contract Managers Forum. This year, due to COVID, the Forum will be a virtual event and is open to all government employees, is free to attend, and is being held on Wednesday, 2 December 2020 from 8.30 am to 1.00 pm AWST (Western Australian time – no Daylight Saving – please note this time zone may be different to your time zone).

A key focus of the Forum will be managing PPPs during the unprecedented times that we are currently experiencing. The Forum will be beneficial for all Australian and New Zealand government employees who are involved in the structuring and management of public-private partnership (PPP) contracts or similar major government/private sector contracts.


Registration to the Forum is by email invitation.  The Forum is being run in two sessions which will require two separate registrations. Please ensure that you register for both sessions.  If you are a government employee and are interested in joining the Forum and have not received an invitation please email


Session 1 Wednesday, 2 December 2020 Presenter
8.30 am Welcome and Introduction David Letts photoConference Chair
David Letts
Head of Advisory Services
Western Australian Treasury Corporation

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8.35 am Keynote Address – Relevance of PPPs as a long term infrastructure delivery method

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John Langoulant AO
Infrastructure WA Board

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9.00 am Case Study – Clarence Correctional Centre

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Tim Ambler
Executive Director & Principal
Archerfield Partners

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9.25 am Insight Session – Delivering on the service promise: 25 years of PPP projects in Australia

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Dr Colin Duffield
Professor in Engineering Project Management
University of Melbourne

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Nick Tamburro
Drum Advisory

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10.10 am Insight Session – Contract Management of PPP contracts in WA Health: effectiveness of relationship management and how to measure performance

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Joanne Poule
Director Procurement and Contract Management
Department of Health (WA)

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10.35 am Session 1 Wrap-up Conference Chair


Session 2 Wednesday, 2 December 2020 Presenter
10.45 am Session 2 – Welcome Back Conference Chair
10.46 am Panel Discussion – The impact of COVID-19 and other recent developments on future PPP projects (WA, VIC, NT, NZ)

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Sam Burke
Chief Executive Officer
AustralAsia Railway Corporation

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Dan Cameron
Principal Advisor
New Zealand Infrastructure Commission, Te Waihanga

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Daniel Atkins
Department of Treasury and Finance, Victoria

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David Etherton
Chief Executive Officer

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11.25 am Case Study – Darwin Port Lease – Path to the deal, considerations, benefits and reflections from a Northern Territory perspective Alastair Shields
Chief Executive Officer
Darwin Waterfront Corporation

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11.50 am Insight Session – Financial Capacity Mark Redmond
Infrastructure and Structured Finance Unit
Treasury (NSW)

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12.15 pm Case Studies

• Melaleuca Prison

• Port Philip Prison (Maximum security prison) & Fulham Prison (Correctional minimum security centre)

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David Hughes
Director of Operational Policy, Compliance and Contracts
Corrective Services
Department of Justice

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Brad Akers
Akers Project Advisory

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1.00 pm Conference Close Conference Chair

Organising Committee

This Forum has been coordinated and provided by the Organising Committee of:

• David Asteraki, Treasury ACT
• Hamish Stephens, Treasury ACT
• Shobha Verma, Treasury NSW
• Craig Greene, Treasury NSW
• Isa Mu, Treasury NSW
• Sam Burke, AustralAsia Railway Corporation NT
• Dan Cameron, New Zealand Infrastructure Commission, Te Waihanga
• Adam C Piorunowski-Kane, Department of Treasury and Finance Victoria
• Chris Hamilton, Department of Treasury and Finance Victoria
• Natasha Payze, Department of Treasury and Finance Victoria
• David Letts, Western Australian Treasury Corporation
• Carol Whitworth-Hird, Western Australian Treasury Corporation
• Richard John, Western Australian Treasury Corporation
• Dan Manning, Western Australian Treasury Corporation
• Simon Tan, Western Australian Treasury Corporation



The opinions expressed in this Forum are those of the presenters and are based on their individual experience and knowledge. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of their respective organisations.